The port city of Agios Konstantinos offers ferry connections to Euboea, Skiathos, Skopelos and other Aegean islands.










It is 160 km from Athens, 190 km from the airport, 120 km from Delphi and 150 km from Meteora by car.


The nearest airport is in Athens. Bus transport is available from Athens.

Guests can take a bus in the direction of Lamia from the Liosion Bus Station in Athens.

Get off the bus in Agios Konstantinos.







The neighbouring town is Kamena Vourla; it is famous for its thermal springs that were used by the ancient Greeks.






The thermal baths are 7km away. The springs help to alleviate many complaints such as ruptured spinal disks, back pain, poor circulation in the feet and many more.








The water of the springs comes out of the ground at a temperature of 30° to 35° C. There are 8 pools at the thermal bath









The beautiful beach is only 180 metres away.

Enjoy a carefree swim in the clear blue water.
Combine your holiday with a regimen of spa treatments.